Monster Magnet In Los Angeles: Live Review

By on 2 December 2013


Hard rockin’ space metal legends Monster Magnet recently played a mind melting show at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles, and Terrorizer’s Joshua Sindell was there to accompany them on their astral voyage…



Say what you like about Mister Dave Wyndorf: The man is clearly a time-warping, space-lording motherfucker. How else to explain, that while outside on L.A.’s famed Sunset Strip, it’s a chilly night in November, 2013, but here, inside the club, it’s only 1998? The recent Monster Magnet albums, such as ‘Mastermind’, ‘8-Way Diablo’, ‘Monolithic Baby!’ and ‘God Says No’? Nowhere to be heard. More than a decade of music – ZIP! – vanishes in a puff of intergalactic rocket-fuel smoke.

It’s almost as if Wyndorf would rather begin where he left off, at least as far as the USA is concerned. He and his New Jersey devils in Monster Magnet pretty much abandoned the States for Europe in the last ten years, but the man finally seems proud enough of his new album, ‘Last Patrol’, to bring it all back to America’s stages. And yeah, maybe he does perform newies like the Hawkwind-inspired duo of ‘End Of Time’ and the title track of the current album … but really, it’s all about the Nineties tonight, kiddies.

Mind you, it appears that this setlist of old favourites is just fine with the punters: The group is cheered with a maniacal fervour as tunes from ‘Spine Of God’, ‘Superjudge’, ‘Dopes To Infinity’ and the crowd-pleasing ‘Powertrip’ opuses are played with wild-eyed abandon. Only Wyndorf and guitarist Phil Caivano remain from the days when the West Coast last heard them, and sure, the lines in their faces may be deeper, and their hair might be grayer. But their primal mix of Sabbath, Steppenwolf and space-rock remains one of the most potent cocktails for anyone who likes music with more than a few flavours of the early-’70s to quaff.

WORDS: Joshua Sindell

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