Krisiun & Origin In Vancouver: Live Review

By on 23 September 2015
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Krisiun and Origin both hit Vancouver recently as part of the Devastation On The Nation Tour, with Aeon, Alterbeast, Soreption and Ingested in support. Terrorizer’s Rich Taylor was there to watch the carnage unfold and bear witness to “the most chocolatey wall of death in history”…


SEPTEMBER 9th 2015

Two countries, three nationalities, and six sets of purveyors of brutal/tech/slam/melodic/satanic madness is pretty much everything self-respecting blast-fanatics the world over could ask for, and when the Devastation On The Nation tour careens through Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre on a sweltering September night, the sense of metal’s global reach is profound. And yet, even with Brazil, Sweden, and the US represented on this tour, the night is kicked off with slamtastic aplomb by a group of lads from a little closer to home…

“We’ve come from Manchester, UK, to turn Vancouver into Slamcouver,” Jay Evans of Ingested jokes, before resuming stalking the stage like a deranged primate to the backdrop of his bands pummelling slams. Ingested don’t benefit from being first on stage, with demands to kick the budding crowd into more than approving nods falling flat – yet the sheepish lack of movement in front of the stage doesn’t detract from Ingested’s battering performance, nor the impact they make on their first outing to the west coast.

Origin 1


With The Rickshaw filling out a fair amount towards the end of Ingested’s set however, Soreption enjoy a more energetic response to their frenetic, melodic tech death – proving a stark contrast to vocalist Fredrik Söderberg’s stoic stature. In spite of suffering the same thin sound that tech-centric four pieces have as soon as the guitarist breaks into one of the multitude of solos, the band prove engaging, with a greater sense of melody and song-writing ensuring that they offer more than a marathon of fret-wandering riffs – and an animated performance from bassist Mikael Almgren adds further punch to their already sizeable sonic weight.

Cranking the technicality up even further are the first of tonight’s North American contingent, and with Alterbeast’s oddly dissonant brand of progressive tech death, The Rickshaw is treated to another band putting their own stamp on a genre often bogged down in unoriginality. Walking a line somewhere between Aborted (and to add to the internationalism even further, that band’s vocalist Sven de Caluwé was randomly in attendance tonight…!?), and Necrophagist, Alterbeast push the evening’s breakneck momentum even further, scattering more than a few blurrily fast solos about in the process.

Next to the stage are another set of Swedes, although Aeon prove a fair amount more blasphemous and blast-happy than their compatriots, with vocalist Tommy Dahlström indulging in a display of sacrilegious theatrics as the band batter through their set. The fervour around Aeon’s technical capability becomes truly evident in the live arena, yet the band’s ability to cruise into Cannibal Corpse-esque traditional brutality is also displayed, and simultaneously lapped up by a crowd gorging on sonic extremity. Heads were banged, parodies of Jesus were portrayed, and Aeon succeeded in truly kicking the night into gear.

Origin 2


Yet, there are few if any death metal bands that can compete with the titanic presence, performance and sheer velocity of Origin, and as the band explode into action, The Rickshaw becomes a broiling sea of headbangers, stage-divers, and… chocolate cake. Vocalist Jason Keyser commands the crowd into the most rabid response of the night, dragging people on stage to stand dumbfounded for a few moments between the jaw-dropping abilities of Paul Ryan, John Longstreth and Mike Flores, while the birthday boy on the mic leaps between his monstrous vocals and comedic stage banter in the most entertainingly extreme way imaginable. While tracks from last year’s ‘Omnipresent’ sound more convincingly ‘Origin’ live, it’s the airings from ‘Antithesis’ and ‘Entity’ that earn the most utterly deranged reactions – and after Jason’s birthday cake makes it into the crowd and all over floor, probably also the most chocolatey wall of death in history.

Krisiun 1


Following such high-octane carnage, Krisiun’s more traditional brutal death rumblings seem almost ponderous – however the Brazilian brothers valiantly dive into the onslaught with their arsenal of groove and no-frills headbang factor, despite the crowd dwindling somewhat post-Origin. A powerful trio if ever there was one, the bands live presence exudes dominance and aggression – and yet their potential aural supremacy is scuppered due to the impact of this year’s Krisiun-by-numbers ‘Forged In Fury’ on their setlist. Still, pits churned and beers were flung around, and although Origin may have been the true engine of devastation on this tour, Krisiun’s ironclad boots still crushed a few skulls on their stomping path through Vancouver.

WORDS: Rich Taylor
PICS: Charlene Tupper


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