Desecration & Extreme Noise Terror in Bangkok: Live Review

By on 14 February 2014


Last Friday, death metal heroes Desecration and the legendary Extreme Noise Terror hit Bangkok in a blaze of glory, and The Rotted’s Tim Carley “travelled 15 hours by bus, boat and motorbike from a remote Thai Island to get [there]”. Here’s how it all played out…



If you told me back in 1998 when Gorerotted first played with Desecration that, 16 years later I would be in Bangkok watching them play I don’t think I would have believed you! I’ve been looking forward to this gig for a long time. After a month in Asia, I’m pretty sick of Reggae and need to hear some blastbeats and distortion. Metal and punk gigs are very rare in Thailand so this one is gonna be a bit of a treat!

It has been a long journey for everyone today but we have made it to the Immortal bar in down town Bangkok. The band have flown in via a stop off in a chaotic Indian airport and I’ve travelled 15 hours by bus, boat and motorbike from a remote Thai Island to get here. We have had to dodge not only the political protesters who have closed down a large part of Bangkok (they are hoping for a change of government via peaceful protests and have blocked off major roads and commercial areas with camps, stages and rallies) but today the rice farmers are also marching on the city!

Political tensions haven’t stopped the Thai Death metal fans coming out in force to welcome Desecration. This is the first show of an Asian tour featuring Desecration and Extreme Noise Terror. Tonight was always meant to be Desecration only, but as five out of the six E.N.T. members are here anyway (Woody, John and Barney are here to hang out too) a last minute decision is made and E.N.T. minus Dean decide to warm the crowd up with some in your face punk grindcore.

Before anybody has had a chance to recover from that holocaust in their heads Desecration hit the stage. The Thai fans go crazy and the band are on top form. It is good to see Ollie, Mikey and Andi this relaxed and funny. Every song starts and ends with a round of banter and jokes and sometimes only the westerners can understand what the fuck is going on. Songs from every album are played and although we may have had a few beers by now I can remember hearing new ones ‘Coffin Smasher’ and ‘Cemetery Sickness’ from the new album ‘Cemetery Sickness’ that’s out soon. Old ones ‘Bacterial Breakdown’ and even ‘Fontanelle Fornication’ from the first album ‘Gore and Perversion’.  The show ends with at least two encores, Ollie says from the stage “Is play one more song a request or a demand?” and they play another two or three songs. We hang out in the bar with the Thai fans and it is clear that they were blown away by Desecration.  The evening is closed by a solo acoustic singer/guitarist playing rock and country covers in the bar to the band, me and the last of the drinkers. We all agree to meet here again and not leave it for another 16 years this time!


If you are visiting Bangkok and want to check out some metal then head for the Immortal Bar. It’s the place to meet some locals, pick up flyers and find out what’s going on in town. For punk head to the Chatuchak weekend market and find the Crocodile punk shop in section 6 and talk to the owner, he knows about any gigs happening. There are also 2 or 3 shops selling cheap metal shirts and patches dotted around the market too.

WORDS: Tim Carley

You can find Desecration and Extreme Noise Terror on Facebook.

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