Coltsblood & Crypt Lurker At Stuck On A Name Studios: Live Review

By on 27 November 2013


Liverpudlian doom titans Coltsblood and Crypt Lurker leveled Nottingham’s Stuck On A Name Studios last Friday, with local heroes Megalodoom in support. Terrorizer’s Kez Whelan was there to sacrifice his ability to hear certain frequencies to appease the riff god…



Have you noticed how many awesome doom bands the UK is producing at the moment? It’s kind of ridiculous, but hardly surprising given that this is a country well known for it’s grim weather, bleak outlook and, of course, Black fuckin’ Sabbath. This tour finds two of Liverpool’s heaviest doom outfits teaming up to flatten venues across the country, and although both these acts have only started releasing material this year, we get the feeling you’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future…

First up, local riff worshippers Megalodoom churn through a mighty set that’s audible from a couple of streets away. The quartet’s live show just seems to get better each time they play, and tonight they’re on form, with their impervious, weighty instrumental doomscapes providing the perfect appetiser for tonight’s riff feast.

With a row of candles lighting the room and a whopping great goat skull separating the crowd from the band, the usually unassuming climes of Stuck On A Name Studios are thick with atmosphere before Crypt Lurker have even played their first note. Unfortunately, it only takes about half a song before a flashing red alarm sounds off above their heads, which is a bit of a mood killer. It’s unclear as to whether this is a smoke alarm having an adverse reaction to their candle collection, or some kind of riff detection unit going haywire at the absurdly heavy display of doom mastery taking place in front of it, but fuck it, you can barely hear it over the top of this five piece’s cavernous wall of sound anyway, so it’s on with the show!

And what a show it is. Crypt Lurker’s brand of doom takes in influences from black metal and some of the more evil tendrils of death metal, whilst retaining that ominous vibe that emanates from all the best doom bands. Even when they’re moving at a pace that a hungover sloth would find cumbersome, the quintet play with a vicious intent and a sense of purpose that makes their chasmic vibrations sound like the heaviest thing in the world. Ending with a cover of Beherit’s ‘The Gate Of Nanna’ is the icing on this particularly evil cake, and rounds off one of the finest doom sets this scribe has had the pleasure of witnessing all year.

Coltsblood have their work cut out for them following that bowel shaking set, but thankfully the Liverpudlian trio are up to the challenge. Kicking out an alarming amount of noise for a three-piece, the band dive headfirst into a set that dispenses with much of Crypt Lurker’s atmosphere, but doesn’t skimp on the riff front at all, with a myriad of skull crushingly dense slabs of noise being hurtled about with reckless abandon. Tonight, their sound is strangely reminiscent of Italian psych lords Ufomammut in places, albeit replacing that band’s usual kaleidoscopic vision with a gloriously single minded, jet black sheen. Their songs unfold with a portentous inevitability, trundling slowly across the crowd and causing follicles to flail wildly in accordance.

Despite the ringing in our ears, by the time their set is finished the assembled throng is still baying for more. Spurred on by various members of the crowd (and Crypt Lurker!) to deliver their Celtic Frost cover, Coltsblood relent and plough straight into one of the sludgiest versions of ‘Procreation (Of The Wicked)’ this erstwhile hesher has ever heard. It’s a great finish to a great evening, proving the British doom scene is healthier than we could have ever hoped.

WORDS: Kez Whelan

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