Black Tusk at the London Barfly: Live Review

By on 9 October 2013


Sludgy power trio Black Tusk brought their own distinct brand of Southern fried riff worship to London’s Barfly on Monday, and Terrorizer’s Angela Davey was there to revel in it. Here’s what she thought…


Importing the hot and sticky rites of Savannah swamp metal to London, Black Tusk are bringing the noise and the ruckus to the Barfly alongside some heavy support.

Dorset five-piece In the Hills kick off the evening’s shenanigans; after proving their worth on this year’s New Blood stage at Bloodstock they’re on top form and plough through 30 minutes of cider-fuelled crustiness with a heroic determination.

Similarly energetic, Fight Amp may be lacking the numbers, but the trio certainly don’t disappoint in audible volume. Bending the genres of punk and sludge at their whim, they hook in their audience with rip-roaringly heavy dirges and a ferocity that implies this is a band to keep your eye on in the near future.

Still proudly flying the flag for sludge in an era where all of its pioneers have seemingly progressed and moved on with their sound, the main event, Black Tusk, demonstrate that sticking to your roots can often be for the best by chugging through an imperfect but thunderous rendition of ‘Set the Dial to Your Doom’. The party atmosphere is as thick as the floor is sticky with spilled beer as the threesome hurtle through a set list of riff heavy bedlam and high octane vocals. Tend no wounds indeed – the sludge sound certainly ain’t broke, so no need to fix it!

WORDS: Angela Davey

You can find Black Tusk on Facebook. The band will be playing the following shows during the remainder of their UK tour:

09/10 – Alter Ego, Manchester

10/10 – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow

11/10 – Green Park Tavern, Bath


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