Arnocorps In London: Live Review

By on 1 September 2014


Everyone’s favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger themed metal band, ArnoCorps, hit London in a blaze of glory a few weeks ago. Amy Harris was there to dodge crowd surfers and practice her best Austrian accent, and here’s what she made of the experience…

2nd of August, The Underworld, Camden

It’s a Saturday night and The Underworld in Camden is packed to the rafters with people in camo army gear, painted faces and even one confused young man wearing a Rambo shirt, bless. Why? Because the musical tribute to all things Arnold Schwarzenegger is in town, we’re all here for Arnocorps. If you’re unfamiliar with this band and are a fan of the ultimate action hero then you need to get involved. The atmosphere is great, and as the sound of choppers creeps into the room, the lights start flashing and everyone cheers as California’s most fun band take to the stage…

It’s made clear from the first track, ‘Predator’ that stage invading, diving and crowd surfing are not only welcomed but encouraged as two of the band members leap out into the enthusiastic crowd and are delivered safely back to the stage. During ‘Total Recall’ the singer, Holzfeuer, also crowd surfs and then invites as many fans as possible to jump on stage for the third track ‘True Lies’ to join in with gang vocals. By this point the whole venue is moving, smiling, shouting and quite genuinely having the best time ever, the set list (see below) is high energy, fast paced and full of audience interaction, including worship for the drum solo, star jumps, muscle flexing and body builder posing. Highlights, or rather, moments I’ve certainly never seen before, include a dude actually surfing over the crowd on top of a guitar case during ‘Running Man’ and another guy swimming through the crowd wearing a snorkel for ‘Stay Hungry’.

When the band leave the stage a huge chant erupts, but everybody knows the 3 best songs are coming, sure enough they return and give an amazing encore culminating in ‘Last Action Hero’.

To sum up, all I can say is that as soon as they return to London, I’ll be back (sorry, not sorry). Arnocorps fucking rule.

Words: Amy Harris


1 – Arnocorps Intro

2 – Predator

3 – Total Recall

4 – True Lies

5 – Crom (Strong On His Mountain)

6 – Wheel Of Pain

7 – Conan The Destroyer

8 – King Conan (Crown Of Iron)

9 – Terminator

10 – You Lack Discipline

11 – Pumping Iron

12 – Running Man

13 – Hercules

14 – Stay Hungry

15 – Rise Of The Machines

16 – Exactly


17 – I’m Ballsy

18 – Commando

19 – Last Action Hero

You can find ArnoCorps on Facebook.


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