Live review: Grand Magus in London

By on 4 March 2013




Taking into consideration the bluesy riffs of Grand MagusDiesel King seem an odd choice of support band. However, they are already well known in London for appearing on many a sludge/stoner line up, so the large crowd that has already gathered greet their red mist of unashamed heavy fury with much enthusiasm. Front man Mark’s tongue-in-cheek stage banter is enough to bring warier patrons of the Underworld closer to the front to join in on the action, introducing the last song with “We’ve been Lost Prophets and I am Ian Watkins”, laughter can be heard all the way from the back of the venue.

Employing a slightly different approach to win over the crowd, Primitai attempt to involve the audience in their power-tinged heavy metal by encouraging a sing along, however, this goes down like a lead balloon; whilst their performance does not lack at all in energy, it is definitely unwise to try to get the crowd involved when they are not familiar with the material that’s being played. It is blindingly obvious that this band make music that is not to be taken at all seriously and when they are not fruitlessly trying to get people to join in, they provide a thoroughly enjoyable slab of the lighter side of heavy metal.

Grand Magus prove they are well versed in this rock ‘n’ roll lark, as they take up their instruments and launch into ‘Kingslayer’, the entire crowd is shouting their name. The Swedes provide a blend of rock that’s akin to Deep Purple – if Deep Purple’s sound was jacked up on steroids. Favourites ‘Sword Of The Ocean’ and ‘Starlight Slaughter’ from latest album ‘The Hunt’ provide epic slabs of meaty riffs and powerful vocals courtesy of frontman JB; before closing the set with ‘Iron Will’ he takes the time to tell his fans, “This is one of the best nights of my life”. If people weren’t already out way past their bed time on a Sunday evening, they are kept from their beds for longer when the band plays ‘Hammer Of The North’ for an encore. A spectacular performance and a great conclusion to their UK tour!

Words:  Angela Davey

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