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By on 6 September 2016

Live Evil 600The sixth Live Evil London is just round the corner with The Dome being taken over from 8-9 October and pre-show party and after-show gathering for this day finely curated heavy metal festival. Here’s what’s on the bill, and you can grab a listen to the Spotify playlist the organisers have pulled together to share with you…

Tickers are £25 for a day or £40 for the weekend available with no booking fee by phone and on the web.

Demon are one of the biggest acts of the NWOBHM era with a distinct sound and song-writing acumen which separated them from their peers at the time and still today. With many classic tunes and a brilliant live show, Dave Hill and gang will be a sing-along highlight… Sunday night promises another legendary finale as the pioneering and much loved American doom rockers Pentagram take the stage to crush the crowd. Unbelievably formed originally way back in December 1971, Bobby Leibling and mid-80s era riff-master Victor Griffin have in recent years finally been rewarded with success helped by their exceptional song-writing and always killer performances. Their recent show at Roadburn 2016 showed they are still one of the best live bands in the world.

Destroyer 666 will take to the stage on Sunday before Pentagram. The black thrash rockers are stalwarts of the scene moving HQ from Australia to London they recently released an acclaimed new album ‘Wildfire’ and are tearing up stages around the world with Bölzer and alone. Antichrist formed in 2006 but deserve to end Saturday due to their immense ability, presence and song writing. The evening will finish explosively with their Dark Sorcery. Recent shows and new material both incredible, sometimes the newer bands are simply the best around! Groundhogs are one of the UK’s most respected rock acts. Their killer current line-up also blew us away so get ready for original ’70s heaviness and blues psych song-writing!

Live Evil was very impressed with Swedish rockers Horisont latest LP ‘Odyssey’ and live shows and is chuffed to have the band on Saturday. The Rise Above Records band have shown their craft and for crafting rockin’ prog influenced tunes and on stage passion. Accompanying the Swedes will be English Folk tinged heavy rockers Wytch Hazel, who’s debut album, ‘Prelude’ is fulfilling the immense ability they have shown at previous shows including Live Evil 2014. The festival is incredibly excited to welcome back acclaimed young Norwegian act Black Magic following a killer show in 2011 and what people are saying are the best shows of 2016 at Muskelrock and Beyond the Gates Fests. With their exceptional ‘Wizards Spell’ LP still garnering deserved plaudits, they’re back with a perfect new line-up and could be band of the weekend.

Also on the classic end of the scale are lesser known chunky NWOBHM act Millennium. Their debut 1984 self-titled LP is a underrated gem of catchy and heavy metal. Crucially though, their recent reunion show at Brofest was a stand-out which has earned them a well deserved chance to show the youngsters how it’s done. Vulture are this years best new metal act. The German speed metal merchants impressed massively with killer songs plus their thrash your kopf in performance, you will die! Live Burial are new UK death metal set for big things. Harking back to the Pestilence and Autopsy’s of this world with the intensity of youth and brilliance live!

Barrow Wight are a young Canadian Venom or Bathory with a knack for song-writing and 100% evil-Tolkien themes.The three piece features Tooth Log from Natur and they blew us away at Wings of Metal Festival! Inconcessus Lux Lucis are a brilliant British black metal act with a fistful of songs and evil riffs. With a bit of USBM, a bit of mid-Darkthrone and a lot of Satan! Insurgency are excellent blackened d-beat Bathory thrashory that’ll knock your block off. Nuff said.

As well as all the bands and free after-parties each night, visitors can enjoy a full metal market and an outside courtyard area with cheap food. And with 12 bands still to be announced, this years event looks set to be the best so far. Friday 7th this year will see a free party at The Black Heart with music by Live Evil and friends from 9pm-2am. Monday 10th will see the annual free entry Karaoke Singalong at The Alibi hosted by Live Evil and Tooth Log of Natur.

Tickets £40 for the weekend and £25 for Saturday or Sunday available with no booking fee by phone and on the web.

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