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By on 24 November 2015

‘Xeno Kaos’ is Otargos‘ sixth studio full-length since this band, part of the new generation of French dark extreme metal, formed all of 15 years ago. The band have toured the world many times (which included European and South American tours, the latest being their 2013 European tour with Anaal Nathrakh) and played major festivals (for example HellFest and Incineration) and are already confirmed for HellFest 2016.

“Recorded at multiple locations which includes Gorod’s Mathieu Pascal’s Bud Studio (Ad Patres, Gorod…) and mixed and mastered at ex-THe Order of Appollyon’s Heerr Krauss’ Vamacara Studio (Azziard, Antropofago…) by Otargos’ latest line-up featuring ex-Regarde les Hommes Tomber singer and Otargos founding member Dagoth on guitars & vocals, Demented’s M Pliszke (bass) and John A. (drums) and Nightcreeper’s Hindrik (guitars), ‘Xeno Kaos’ features song lyrics (like on all the band’s albums, and in this case the title track) written by one of their early fans, Aelzerath and, for the limited edition first press, a new version of the song ‘Infernal Legions Strike’, re-written by the band’s former bassist, XXX.

Speaking about the concepts behind the album, Dagoth (guitars/vocals) told us:

“I, as writer and composer, based this release’s concept on the WarHammer 40K universe with cataclysmic warfares, titanic malevolent species and cosmic carnages. W40K always inspired me and Otargos and slowly became the main topic now. The time is for devastating xeno-incursions and chaos domination. No place for weak mankind in the cosmos. I’ve searched to plunge the audience in a futuristic battlefront under laser storms, missile stikes and organic havocs. We wanted to create a dark Extreme Metal cosmology surrounded by some kind of Sci-Fi ambience, just like a movie soundtrack with ‘Xeno Kaos’ and I think we quite succeeded in it! ‘Xeno Kaos’ is balancing between violent musical onslaught and heavy pachydermic tracks just like mountainous living machines and horrors approaching in a dark fog. After a decade of existence, a couple of years ago Otargos entered a new era with ‘Apex Terror’, mixing old and modern Black and Death Metal, willing to really get away from the orthodox clichés and folklores of both genres and ‘Xeno Kaos’ is clearly what we wanted Otargos to become with this new style, marking a new step further after 2013’s ‘Apex Terror’.”

Released by Kaotoxin Records on November 13, you can buy ‘Xeno Kaos’ here.

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