Listen to the new Deranged album ‘Struck By A Murderous Siege’

By on 24 October 2016

The new Deranged album ‘Struck By A Murderous Siege’ is out 28 October on Agonia Records. You can buy a copy of ‘Struck By A Murderous Siege’ on physical formats here or on digital formats here.

This is the band’s first studio album in five years (and their ninth altogether) and was recorded at Berno Studio (Amon Amarth, The Crown, Witchery) in Malmö, Sweden. The album’s cover artwork was created by Mike Hrubovcak (Grave, Six Feet Under, Sinister).

Deranged formed in the southern parts of Sweden in 1991 by a couple of bored teens who basically wanted to do something in their spare time. Inspired by the bloodiest and most violent bands of the period, like early Carcass, Napalm Death, Impetigo, Suffocation, and even bloodier horror movies, they started to grind. The early fascination proved to be a particularly long-lasting and fruitful one, with a short break between 2007 and 2009. Deranged is led by drummer Rikard Wermén, the band’s mastermind and sole remaining member from the original 1991 line-up.

Speaking about the album, the band said:

“The new Deranged album, titled “Struck by a murderous siege” is a blend of classical Deranged brutality with a bit of new elements that will fit perfectly both old and new Deranged fans. You can be sure about that! The album, consisting of five fast, grinding and shredding songs and three heavy mid-tempo tunes, will give the listener the most interesting and varied Deranged album so far. Prepare to hear the echoes of serial killers and brutality!”


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