Listen to the new album by GraVil ‘No More Forgiveness’

By on 3 May 2017

‘No More Forgiveness’ is the follow-up to GraViL‘s ‘Thoughts Of A Rising Sun’. You can support GraVil by visiting the GraVil BigCartel page.

The new album by GraVil ‘No More Forgiveness’ is self-released by the band on Friday 5 May.

Vocalist Grant Stacey said:

“There is a massive sub-context of loss within the new album ‘No More Forgiveness’. 2016 was a brutal year for everyone. Aside from my baby being conceived, I don’t think anyone would mind never talking about it again. The new album deals very heavily with my personal demons. Losing a baby in 2012, I didn’t feel I was able to talk about it or address it. I ended up using it on this album, even the darker side of it. I’ve lost some very good friends for stupid reasons. The UK lost the Brexit vote, America lost to Trump. I feel Britain has lost on a politically integral level. On an extremely positive note ‘No More Forgiveness’ has introduced Charlie (guitars) and Perrin (drums) into the writing process, which fitted perfectly as they added a heavier element to the album and Tony (guitars) kept that old school GraViL element running through. With producer Dan Abela returning to record this album, we feel vindicated in our approach, outlook and most importantly, the songs.”

GraVil are:

Grant Stacey – Vocals
Tony Dando – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Charlie Webster – Rhythm Guitars
Sparx – Bass and Backing Vocals
Perrin – Drums

Dan Abela – Producer
Metaprism vocalist, Theresa Smith, appears on track 7 ‘Fractured And Divided’.


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