Listen to ‘Stillborn Knowledge’ by White Ward

By on 28 March 2017

White Ward have released song ‘Stillborn Knowledge’ the first excerpt from the album ‘Futility Report’ which is released via Debemur Morti on 12 May.

“Furious and intimate, exciting and intriguing, ‘Futility Report’ stems from a thoroughly modern vision, an innovative interpretation of Extreme Music which breaks down established codes whilst simultaneously deep -rooted in the obscure history of Black Metal.

‘Futility Report’ – or the metallic version of ULVER’s legendary ‘Perdition City’ – is a new form of Dark Music, a serious piece of Art far removed from usual clichés and a significant forward step.”

You can buy a copy of ‘Futility Report’ in a number of formats as follows:

‘Futility Report’ Digipack CD
‘Futility Report’ 12″ LP
‘Futility Report’ Special edition 12″ LP

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