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By on 14 April 2015

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Terrorizer is streaming the new album by Shining, ‘IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends’ who are, of course, featured on the cover and within our new issue which is available now. Jose Carlos Santos spoke with frontman Niklas Kvarforth, who came up with some revelations of his own.

Towards the end of our calm and frequently very funny – the man has a sharp sense of humour – conversation, the Swede says two things that resonate deeply and serve perfectly to illustrate his current state of mind:

“This might seem strange coming from me, but I feel very positive about what’s coming,” he says at one point, when discussing the band’s future, and a few sentences later, he says quite frankly “I consider Shining my real child.”

When was the last time you read/heard a motivated, positive and even emotional Niklas? And the cause for this is right there on the next sentence. It seems that finally it has sunk in that the Shining entity is too important to be ruined by external factors, whatever they might be, and he has taken some important decisions. Yeah, the next bit will be drug-talk, but it’s different. You’ll see.

“The hatred, of course,” he says instantly when asked about the main inspirations for this album, so as to prove that, despite all the good vibes we’re picking up, good old Kvarforth hasn’t turned into a cuddly teddy bear yet. “Hate usually spawns something in the creative side. But people sometimes misunderstand things that are more complex than they imagine. Depression, for example, is often thought to be the main inspiration for me by some people, and that’s completely wrong. No one who is going through a real case of depression can ever take advantage of that and use it for something productive. I’ve had a few problems, yes, and the biggest problem that actually started to manifest itself in other ways was with drugs – especially alcohol. So when that became an obstacle, I came to a crossroads and a decision had to be made. It was quite an obvious decision, I had to quit it. There’s nothing wrong with drugs, drugs are excellent. But to me, they weren’t working anymore. It came in the way of how I was executing stuff on stage and how I was conceiving myself as an artist. It basically took over and put too much obstacles in the way for me to perform and write and work. That’s simply not acceptable. But I’m not going to be a hypocrite. I love drugs. Anyone that says ‘I did some coke and it’s not my thing’, blah-blah-blah, of course it’s your thing. Everyone loves it at the end of the day. But for me, it reached a point where I couldn’t just have it just on certain occasions.”

Everyone, everything, everywhere ends… even drugs?

“It ends the life of others, too,” he adds. “The title of the album does say a lot. I first thought about using that title six or seven years ago, I was in a really bad state then, living in Oslo. But it’s a really good title to use now. I don’t want to use the word maturity, because that’s wrong to use in the case of Shining,” he snorts sarcastically, “but I came to a certain point when I could see what my priorities are. And my priority is my art. If that is taking its toll because of some enjoyment of the flesh, then it’s a no go.”

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