Listen to new track ‘IV’ by Abkehr from ‘In Asche’

By on 8 May 2017

This new track ‘IV’ by Abkehr is taken from the band’s new album ‘In Asche’ released via Sentient Ruin​ on 19 May 2017. You can buy a copy of ‘In Asche’ here.

Abkehr is a depressive/atmospheric black metal band from the Hamburg​ area of Northern Germany which formed in 2015. The band set out to play black metal the ‘old way’, so while it’s very stripped down, raw, and straight forward black metal the diverse background of the two guys involved has yielded as an end result vast and enveloping songs that transcend traditional black metal and branch out into depressive and atmospheric black metal. The band’s main influences are stalwarts like Craft and Darkthrone and more modern and genre defying black metal bands like Mgla, Weakling, Leviathan, and Ash Borer. ‘In Asche’ is their debut release and the lyrical content covers themes of misanthropy, desperation, hatred, darkness, and the total disgust for reality.

Abkehr are:

Raash – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
H. – Drums

Recorded & mixed: Raash, 2016/17
Mastered: H. Albrecht, 2017

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