Listen to new track ‘haben sie angst’ from Grant the Sun

By on 26 July 2017

This new track ‘haben sie angst’ from Grant the Sun is taken from the project’s eponymous EP released 11 August on Mas-Kina Recordings. You can buy a copy of ‘Grant The Sun’ here.

Featuring members of Insense and Beaten To Death, Grant The Sun is a brand new trio from Norway playing an instrumental metal sound influenced by names such as Devin Townsend, Extol and Meshuggah.

The band began when founding members of Insense, Håvard Sveberg and Martin Rygge (who also handles guitars in grindcore group Beaten To Death) decided it was time to get together and make music again after more than ten years apart. Shortly after the duo is joined by childhood friend and guitar virtuoso Markus Lillehaug Johnsen and together they’ve started writing some songs to be included on the band’s first release.

Featuring six songs, this self-titled EP was recorded live in just three days by producer and long-time friend Danne Bergstrand at Dugout Productions in Uppsala, Sweden and sees Grant The Sun masterfully combining heavy riffs and hard-hitting, complex rhythms with catchy, prog-driven melodies that while is near-impossible to place in a single category, falls somewhere between Meshuggah and The Ocean.

Speaking about the track, Martin Rygge said:

“We wrote this song in one session at our rehearsal room and the recording also went pretty fast. 3-4 takes and our producer Danne Bergstrand was happy. He really captured the sound of our band perfectly. The song title is basically the working title. We spent almost a year trying to come up with a band name so we didn’t want to go down that road with every song title.”

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