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By on 11 January 2017

Towards the end of 2016, it was almost as if half the world was desperate for the year to be over, ready for a fresh start – perhaps more so than usual, thanks to an unrelenting barrage of political nonsense and a seemingly endless parade of icons off to join Lemmy in the great big gig in the sky. But if you’ve come here looking for a happy new year, then you’re not likely to find it with DOOL.

Today, the new track ‘Vantablack’ is premiering, and something tells us the brooding song is not designed to brighten our day. So, what’s it about? DOOL vocalist, Ryanne, explains:

“Vantablack is a song about vicious cycles and behavioural patterns, hence the repetition at the end of the song. Vantablack itself is ‘the blackest black’, made by space engineers, and absorbs no light at all. It is the negativity inside each and every one of us.”

We thought as much.

Vantablack is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album entitled ‘Here Now, There Then’ – a dark, captivating eight track album that focuses on “dreaming, ambition and will”. DOOL comprise of some of the Netherlands’ most accomplished and acclaimed musicians, featuring former members of The Devil’s Blood, Gold, and The New Media, plus the country’s most infamous rock singer, the striking Ryanne van Dorst.

Dutch for ‘wandering’, the sound of DOOL is a call to let oneself float freely and weather the storms of everyday life, taking flight into the wild unknown… all those who wander are DOOL.

‘Here Now, There Then’ is released via Prophecy Productions on 17 February. You can buy a copy of ‘Here Now, There Then’ here.

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