Listen to new track by Byrdi ‘Den Kvasse Nut’

By on 10 March 2017

This new track by Byrdi ‘Den Kvasse Nut’ is taken from the band’s new album ‘Ansur : Urkraft’ out 17 March on Trollmusic. You can buy a copy of ‘Ansur : Urkraft’ here.

It would be all too easy to draw comparisons to Byrdi’s Norwegian compatriots, Wardruna, but if that’s what’s required to hook people into giving these guys a listen, then so be it. Not that they need to be propped up by their fellow countrymen; Byrdi have more than enough substance to stand on their own two feet,and leave quite the impression.

The track we’re premiering today, ‘Den Kvasse Nut’, is taken from their upcoming album, ‘Ansur : Urkraft’; a release that is dripping with Nordic symbolism and with roots buried deep in the folk world. Many bands draw inspiration from the world around them, but this duo clearly draw inspiration from the world around them – the seasons, the dirt beneath their feet, the sky above them – and give it the respect that they believe it truly deserves.

Of the track, they comment:

“Carpe momentum. Harness the energies of natures wonders and let them guide you to the ragged peak, bathing in the early morning sun. It will be a struggle climbing the steep sides reaching the top. The wind might howl and the rain will whip your face, but when standing on the sunny summit you know the struggle is behind you and ahead lays a new path. You can not gain wisdom, nor experience without sacrifice. Will you sacrifice?”

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