Listen to new Disbelief track ‘Full of Terrors’

By on 24 March 2017

Disbelief have released a new track ‘Full of Terrors’ taken from the band’s tenth album ‘The Symbol of Death’ which is released via Listenable Records on 21 April. You can buy ‘The Symbol of Death’ here.

“The title track is inspired by the series Game of Thrones. It’s about superiority, something who dominates yourself and you don’t know at first how to fight against this enemy in your life. The line ‘which weapons do we have?’ shows it directly, it’s about fear. The fear to fight against something really dominating yourself.

The cover artwork was made by Eliran Kantor. He was inspired to create this fantastic cover artwork by the lines of the song ‘Full of Terrors’: “I’m blessing you, you’re blessing me, it is hypocrisy!” It shows two statues who’re blessing each other and at the same time they
stab each other with knifes in the back. It’s a reflection of the human world, human being, to destroy ourselves.

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