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By on 3 July 2017

The album ‘Certitude’ by Vulpus was out via Pest Productions. You can buy a copy of ‘Certitude’ here.

The album was recorded by Nuno Hendrik as main vocals, Gustavo Silva with the guitars, sampling and synths, João Carvalho in the drums and Daniel Sampaio in the bass. Aires, Noise/Ambient artist from Lisbon, Portugal was an invited guest for the track “Hell is Truth Seen Too Late”. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Valente in Caos Armado studios (Névoa, Redemptus, Juseph).

The album was recorded from May to September 2016 and it was written originally as a concept album regarding existentialism and nihilism experience where all the stages dysphoria and depression would be approached, from a personal point of view. This 39 minutes’ long piece goes deeper and deeper through contrasting stages, ranging from melancholy to anger, depression to acceptance, reflecting the schizophrenic ideals of what it is to live an age where dogmas and long imposed symbols are being dismantled with the individual to be left alone in the center of the universe haunted by the gargantuan notion of death and irrelevance to the universe, being this the only certainty. There is a dense atmospheric feel, created by noise/ambient pieces embracing the 4 more direct raging songs which compose the core of the album.

Although the fairly obvious elements of Black Metal, the theme of ‘Certitude’ sets itself apart from the traditional religious or nature’ themed discussions. There is a fertile ground on the micro and macro levels involving scientifically (and philosophical) ethical issues and the human self-consciousness. We value atmospheric elements and the cinematic-like influences encompass Godspeed You! Black Emperor, absolute legends on the art of creating gloomy soundscapes, and Altar of Plagues, which created a contemporary, personal and more urban form of black metal (“Teethed Glory & Injury” a personal favourite), with other artists such as Russian Circles, Old Man Gloom or Amenra creating strong material which inspired this disc a lot.





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