Listen to ‘Under a Titan Sky’ by Sworn Amongst

By on 19 May 2016

Today you can listen to, in full, ‘Under a Titan Sky’ the new album from Sworn Amongst. You can get hold of a copy of ‘Under a Titan Sky’ direct from the band here.

Proud of this new record, their first full-lenght since

‘”Under A Titan Sky’ see’s the band taking a step into much heavier territories, leaving behind their tenuous thrash roots, fusing together a multitude of genres, Creating a unique formula of their own. ‘Under A Titan Sky’ Is armed to the teeth with ball crunching Riffage and grooves, fretboard wankery, soaring vocals and bludgeoning bass lines! Brutal, real, and unnerving! The album is a representation of those of us, or should I say all of us that live with our demons on any level! We are all responsible for the things that are buried deep within us no matter how big or small! The question is, ‘So you control them, or do they control you? The album also touches on people who suffer from mental health issues on tracks like ‘Low’ and the fight to overcome struggles and prosper from failings alongside terrorism and religion having such a huge impact on people’s day-to-day existence. We tried to keep the album to a minimum with the editing and get a nice big live drum sound, and tried to make it sound as obnoxious possible to tie in with its concept vocally. Amongst all this the album was very much a DIY project and was written in a one room studio in a Derbyshire suburb away from any distractions.”

Sworn Amongst are:
Jonny Barker – Lead Guitars
James Cooper – Guitars
Sy James – Vocal
Jonny Harper – Drums

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