Listen to Schammasch’s ‘Triangle – Part I : The Process Of Dying’

By on 25 April 2016

To be released Friday 29 April via Prosthetic,  the new album ‘Triangle’ by Schammasch is, of course, a work in three parts and you can listen here to ‘Triangle – Part I : The Process Of Dying’ in its entirety. The other movements are ‘Part II : Metaflesh’ and ‘Part III : The Supernal Clear Light Of The Void’.

Speaking about ‘Triangle’, the band told us:

“Triangle closes the trilogy that started 6 years ago with Sic Lvceat Lvx. The concept underlying this trilogy is rooted in cabalistic numerology, following the numbers 1/birth, 2/duality and 3/unity. It is the expression of the idea of reaching the state of complete awareness as a human being, to become one with God. Triangle, as the final of three stages, is the sum of an abstraction of the Holy Trinity symbol. The aspect of the Son is replaced by the aspect of Death/The Process of Dying. The aspect of the Holy Ghost is replaced by the aspect of Spiritual & Earthly Balance/Metaflesh. And finally the aspect of the Father is replaced by the aspect of Void/The Supernal Clear Light of the Void. Triangle seeks to be a monumental work of art, in art’s various forms, far away from just acting on the level of music, but also through it’s visual side, through it’s lyrical expression and finally through the vast ideological cosmos it creates for everyone eager to receive it.”

Schammasch’s ‘Triangle’ presented as a bold triple vinyl/triple gatefold limited edition vinyl set and you can buy this here.

Schammasch 600


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