Listen to ‘O Vengeance’ by The Prisoner

By on 13 December 2016

The track ‘O Vengeance’ by The Prisoner is taken from the band’s new album ‘Life Of The Mind’ which is out 9 December on Autoproduction. You can support The Prisoner by visiting their Bandcamp page.

The story starts ten years ago;  after a first album ‘The Silence, And Nothing…’ released in 2012 through Melancholia Records,  The Prisoner’s tale now goes on with ‘Life Of The Mind’, a 100% self-produced second album. Slower, faster, sicker, and deeper, this one pushes the band’s themes and moods way further up to the extreme. Gorod’s vocalist Julien Deyres sacrifices his vocal chords on the altar of madness. Between Beirut, Paris and Glasgow, the band once again managed to handle the whole recording, mixing and recording tasks. No click nor trick involved: everything you hear has been tracked as rough as can be. The result is a powerful piece that sounds intense and sensitive. The Prisoner is unique. Yet, connoisseurs could possibly notice a hint to the epic touch of Emperor or Gorguts’s creepy insanity…

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