Listen to new track by Uncoffined ‘Awakened From Their Dormant Slumber’

By on 10 October 2016

We have this new track by Uncoffined ‘Awakened From Their Dormant Slumber’ taken from the band’s new album ‘Ceremonies of Morbidity’ which is out 24 October on Memento Mori. You can buy ‘Ceremonies of Morbidity’  here.

Ceremonies Of Morbidity” is the bands 2nd album and follow up to the 2013 debur full length ‘Ritual Death And Funeral Rites’ featuring five lengthy hymns of ‘doom metal of death’ which mixes the traditional heavy doom metal and heaviness of Candlemass, Early Trouble, Saint Vitus, Early Black Sabbath, early Cathedral with the morbidity and deathliness of  Winter, early Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Autopsy, early Paradise Lost, etc.

We asked the band to tell us about the track, and this is what they told us:

“The song ‘Awakened From Their Dormant Slumber’ is based on the old early 1980’s Italian horror film ‘The Zombie Dead’ a.k.a Burial Ground and ‘Nights Of Terror’ released in 1981. A scientist studying an ancient crypt near a grand mansion accidentally unleashes an evil curse. The curse reanimates the dead buried in the area and the zombies devour the scientist and the skeletal ghouls kill other visitors to the mansion leaving a trail of blood and terror in their wake. A truly creepy and sinister horror film about undead bloodthirsty zombie monks which I just had to write a song about and they are some of the most ghoulish looking zombies I have seen in a film. The lyrics are solely based on this film. The Earth shall tremble, graves shall open… don’t disturb the dead!!!”

The album was produced/mixed by Bri Doom at Studio 1in12 in Bradford, Mastered by Javi Felez at Moontower Studios, Barcelona, Spain and the cover artwork was drawn by Cesar Valladares.

Uncoffined are:

K.Shevil – Drums/Vocals
G.Hall – Guitar
Jonny Rot – Lead Guitar
Gory Sugden – Bass.



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