Listen to new track by Sibiir ‘Guillotines’

By on 13 September 2016

We have a new track by Sibiir ‘Guillotines’ taken from the band’s eponymous new album out 25 November on Fysisk Format. You can buy a copy of ‘Sibiir’ here.

With backgrounds in such diverse groups as Sigh & Explode, Jack Dalton, Do You Love Melena? and Call:Vega, Sibiir was formed in 2014 when five experienced musicians from Oslo’s underground scene decided to get together and craft some heavy and intense tunes that would reflect their mutual love for the heavier and darker side of music.
Speaking about ‘Guillotines’, the band said:

“The lyrics are about social expectations. How our everyday lives and responsibilities conflict with our ideals and what we used to love. How we choose to forget, as we trap ourselves in this spiral of routines.

When we started Sibiir we spent some time finding the sound we were searching for. Trying to fit together all of our sources of inspiration from different metal genres, in the same time not forgetting our roots in hardcore. With ‘Guillotines’ it all kind of came into place. This is one of the old ones that’s been with us all the way.”

In 2015 the Norwegians released their first studio effort, a two-track EP, to widespread critical acclaim. Metal Sucks described them as “post-metal/hardcore that seamlessly blends Burnt by the Sun’s vitriolic, chunky grooves with the elasticity and cinematic feel of Burst.”

Now in 2016, Sibiir return with their first self-titled full-length, a savage 10-track effort that sees the group merging the aggression and fury of hardcore with a dash of black metal vitriol.

Sibiir are:

Vocals / Jimmy Nymoen
Guitar / Tobias Gausemel Backe
Guitar / Steffen Grønneberg
Bass / Kent Nordli
Drums / Eivind Kjølstad


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