Listen to new track from Shape of Despair ‘Shadowed Dreams’

By on 28 September 2016

This new track from Shape of Despair ‘Shadowed Dreams’ is taken from the forthcoming reissue of the demo ‘Alone in the Mist’ which is out 9 December on Season of Mist. You can buy ‘Alone in the Mist’ here.

With their latest release, ‘Monotony Fields’, Shape Of Despair demonstrated that doom from Finland was far from a dead genre, but as beautiful, sorrowful, and majestic as it could ever get.

Their next album on Season of Mist represents a visit of the band’s past. Under their former name Raven, the Finns recorded a demo in 1998 entitled ‘Alone In The Mist’, which was never officially published in its entirety. The high quality of the material already hinted at by two tracks released elsewhere, more than justifies the late unearthing of this dark treasure.

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