Listen to new track by Regurgitate Life ‘This Great Divide’

By on 27 January 2017

This new track by Regurgitate Life ‘This Great Divide’ is taken from the band’s new album ‘Obliteration Of The Self’ out 31 March on Truthseeker Music. ‘Obliteration Of The Self’ is Regurgitate Life’s second full length album and also to feature live drums, in this sense it’s almost a rebirth of the band and sees it taking its proper form. You can buy ‘Obliteration Of The Self’ here.

Vocalist and guitar/bass player Sammy Urwin made this philosophical statement:

“‘This Great Divide’ touches on how we as humans have become disconnected from one another. We’ve become very isolated creatures who fear making eye contact with each other whilst passing in the street. This lack of understanding among people has resorted in acts of violence and other negative behaviour instead of civil communication and willingness to see from another’s perspective. We claim to be a superior species yet somehow we lack so many key elements of empathy. To be human one has to be humane.”

Regurgitate Life are:

Sammy Urwin – Vocals, Guitar and Bass
Daryl Best – Drums

Obliteration of The Self was recorded by Jason Frye (Harrowed) at Century Audio
Album artwork by Luke Oram
Guest vocal appearance on the album by Justine Jones (Employed To Serve)


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