Listen to new track by HARK ‘Disintegrate’

By on 3 January 2017

The new track ‘Disintegrate’ is taken from the forthcoming new HARK full-length ‘Machinations’ which is out 24 February on Season of Mist. You can buy ‘Machinations’ here.

Speaking about the track, vocalist/guitarist Jimbob told us:

“Sure, we don’t utilise blast beats or inverse death-grunts, but I’m sure all loyal Terrorizer readers can get with Motörhead speed riffs that wrestle with Fudge Tunnel groove parts and subconsciously Sleep-inspired doom sections. ‘Disintegrate’ is a multi-layered response to odorous people and insidious systems, who aim to destroy you in every day life. This was the first song that Joe (Harvatt) put his lead guitar work to, during the writing of ‘Machinations’ and he melted my mind with his skills. This is some of my favourite lead guitar of all time, seriously.”

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