Listen to new track by Crippled Black Phoenix ‘Winning A Losing Battle’

By on 27 September 2016

This new track by Crippled Black Phoenix ‘Winning A Losing Battle’ is taken from the band’s new album ‘Bronze’ which is out 4 November on Season of Mist. You can buy ‘Bronze’ here.

Mastermind Justin Greaves comments:

“Some songs depart from my mind into reality without consent. ‘Winning A Losing Battle’ is one of those. The track just barged itself into the world. It is also one of the musically unconventional Crippled Black Phoenix style of songs that keep appearing on our albums. The title says it all. We have been through a lot of adversity as a band in these past two years and even though it seemed that all is doomed at times – I/we never gave up or gave in. We just say ‘screw you’ to the people and forces that tried to bring us down. Crippled Black Phoenix win, and always will.”


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