Listen to new track by Baptism ‘Buried With Him’

By on 28 June 2016

Taken from the new album ‘V: The Devil’s Fire’ out 22 July on Season of Mist the new track by Baptism ‘Buried With Him’ is as filthy a slab of Finnish black metal as you’re likely to hear anywhere. You can buy Baptism’s ‘V: The Devil’s Fire’ here.

Frontman Lord S. comments on behalf of BAPTISM regarding their song:

“The track ‘Buried With Him’ reveals a part of the spirituality of BAPTISM, our journey through the trials and conquests of this thing called ‘Life’, which is as much relating to ‘Death’ at the same time. Like much of the philosophy behind BAPTISM, it represents the Gnostic side of Satanism, the one holding the values of our true self. We all are buried along with the Master, the Light-Bringer, who dwells deep within man. This song features my old brother Antti Boman from the legendary DEMILICH and the lyrics have penned by our longtime spiritual-member Johannes Nefastos.”

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