Listen to new track by Armageddon ‘Astral Adventure (The Escape)’

By on 30 September 2016

This new track by Armageddon ‘Astral Adventure (The Escape)’ is taken from the band’s new album ‘Crossing the Rubicon – Revisited’ which is released 14 October on Listenable Records. You can ‘buy ‘Crossing the Rubicon – Revisited’ here.

Speaking about the album, guitarist Christopher Amott said:

“‘Crossing The Rubicon’ is a concept album and this is probably my favourite song off it. Lyrically, it depicts the beginning of the journey. The year is 2022. Earth has been rendered inhabitable as a result of an attack from an alien life form. A group of humans manage to escape before the planet it is destroyed completely. The vessel is travelling through space with men, women, and children working united as crew. The protagonist stares into the blackness of the universe and ponders whether they will ever find another hospitable zone. On the musical side, it’s features many time and key changes. The verse is mid-tempo, fist-pumping metal, and the chorus melodic. The song changes nature halfway through, going into a descending pattern overlaid with a spoken part. This in turn leads into the lengthy instrumental end section. There are several trade-off guitar solo spots between myself and Armageddon’s second guitarist Joey Concepcion in this song. Lastly, the theme at the end reoccurs later on the album, in the track ‘Funeral In Space’.”


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