Listen to the new Terraform EP ‘Adrift’

By on 14 July 2016

Birmingham based progressive metal quintet Terraform streaming their new EP ‘Adrift’. The EP takes the listener on a journey through what it might be like if the world became uninhabitable and how mankind would have to find a way to travel through space to find a new home.

The band consider themselves unique within their genre niche explains guitarist Joe Powell:

“We have a lot of the similar attributes to that of many progressive metal bands, however we focus more on the clean vocals, using more catchy melodies whilst still keeping to our roots. Listeners can expect to hear a new sound from Terraform, still within our bracket, but we focus far less on aggressive vocals in this EP, retaining many of our original influences but bringing in new and exciting aspects.”

The EP itself is out tomorrow, 15 July and you can order ‘Adrift’ here.

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