Listen to the new Revel in Flesh album ‘Emissary Of All Plagues’

By on 2 December 2016

revel-in-flesh-600The new Revel in Flesh album ‘Emissary Of All Plagues’ is released via Cyclone Empire on 2 December 2016. You can buy a copy of ‘Emissary Of All Plagues’ here.

‘Emissary Of All Plagues’ is the fourth full-length-onslaught of German Death Metallers Revel in Flesh

The album was produced by guitar master Maggesson at the band´s own Vault M. Studio. For mix and mastering they worked again with none other than Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity, Nightingale…) at his Unisound Studios. Beside 9 new own deadly hymns the album will also feature a cover version of the UFO classic ‘Doctor Doctor’ and guest solo appearances by members of Puteraeon and Entrails.

Vocalist Haubersson said:

“Our 4th album ‘Emissary Of All Plagues’ is the result of two years of intense songwriting and recordings. To us this album is the next logical step in evolution after the ‘Death Kult Legions’ album, which was highly accalimed in the old school scene. We’ve kept the groove and the heaviness and brought it to the next level by adding a  more epic and melodic twist as well. Actually new songs like ‘Fortress Of Gloom’ or ‘Torture Throne’ belong to the most melodic material that emerged from the Revel in Flesh camp thus far! Anyway don’t be scared, we still stick to our classical Death Metal roots and mix and mastering done by Dan Swanö in the halls of the well known Unisound Studios will rip your guts off! Prepare your ears for a merciless HM2 pedal onslaught! Once again the coverartwork was done by rising Spanish artists Juanjo Castellano. Fans of classical 90s styled Death Metal should stream and then buy this album till they fuckin’ bleed!”

The cover artwork was done once more by Juanjo Castellano Rosado.

Haubersson – Vocals
Maggesson – Guitars
Vögtsson – Drums
Herrmannsgard – Guitars
Götzberg – Bass

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