Listen to new Hark track ‘Son of Pythagoras’

By on 26 January 2017

The new Hark track ‘Son of Pythagoras’ is taken from the band’s new album ‘Machinations’ which is out 24 February on Season of Mist. You can buy ‘Machinations’ here.

If you’ve been living under a rock since their debut album, Crystalline, hit in 2014, allow us to fill you in. Hark are a unique combination of sludgey riffs, progressive hard rock and gritty vocals – all tied up in a beautiful package emblazoned by vocalist, Jimbob’s signature artwork.

Highly regarded by their peers (Hark can count the likes of Clutch and Baroness among their fan base), and championed on the Terrorizer office stereo, Son of Pythagorus is peak Hark! It’ll just about do enough to tide you over until the full album drops next month.

Speaking about the track, frontman Jimbob said:

“Seeing riffs and rhythms in dreams, and drawing geometric impossibilities could stem from old Mr. Pythagoras’ teachings. His dab hand at angles also covered musical formulas for spiritual healing, and while dealing with some super duper psychic predators and energy-butchers during the writing of ‘Machinations’, Mr. P and his wisdom provided quite the tonic.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the February issue of the mag where we’ll be getting the low down on Machinations from the Hark guys.


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