Listen to the new album ‘Carmentis’ by Postvorta

By on 5 May 2017

The new album ‘Carmentis’ by Postvorta is released 14 May via Third I Rex. You can buy a copy of ‘Carmentis’ here.

“‘Carmentis’ is the second album of a trilogy based the life cycle’s concept, and started with the album ‘Aegeria’ back in 2015. In its lyrics, the album talks about different aspects of this specific topic such as birth, loss and reunion. Birth is thought of as separation, loss as change, and reunion as the end of everything.”

01// 15 [ 2.56 ]
02// COLOSTRO [ 11.33 ]
03// CERVIX [ 10.09 ]
04// PATAU [ 11.45 ]
05// 13 * [ 2.05 ]

This new album for Postvorta has seen some important collaborations with the participation of Mers Sumida (singer of the post black metal American band Black Table and has also participated to the project Hush! Her voice is potentially one of the most unique and violent in the scene), and Tero Holopainen (the guitar player of the post-metal cult band Callisto).

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