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By on 17 November 2016

asteroid-600vThe new album by Asteroid ‘III’ is out 18 November on Fuzzorama Records. You can buy Asteroid’s ‘III’ here.

For well over a decade, Örebro’s Asteroid has served as one of the leading lights in the heavy psych community. With a sound firmly rooted in the hard-hitting field of stoner rock, since their very first demo in 2004 the trio has constantly evolved, taking inspiration from American and British blues and Swedish folk music, while always finding something new to bring to the table.

Made up of guitarist Robin Hirse, bass player Johannes Nilsson and recent addition Jimmi Kohlscheen on drums, Asteroid trade harmonious vibes and melodious riffs with all who listen. Treading the same murky waters found in some of the more menacing moments of Led Zeppelin’s back catalogue, combined with their love for the tripped-out prog of Pink Floyd and raw energy of Howlin’ Wolf, Asteroid leave no rock unturned.

asteroid-600Having released a split record in 2006, two full-length albums with 2007’s Asteroid and the 2009 follow-up Asteroid II, and a 7” in 2012, after extensive back to back tours which saw the band average over a hundred shows a year they decided to take a break in 2013. However, at the end of last year the band finally decided that break was over. Performing a number of gigs in early 2016, including a pre-sold out show in Athens in February and appearances at DesertFest London and Berlin in April, the band’s full attention now turns to the release of the highly anticipated III. The third instalment in Asteroid’s spectacular ascendancy.

Vocalist/guitarist Robin Hirse talks us through the tracks:

Pale Moon is a short story about those moments when you realize that you’ve done all that you can do. About giving up and/or accepting your fate.

Last Days centers around the fact that all we do in life will have consequences sooner or later. And that every action has a reaction.

Til Dawn describes that place where we all feel safe and have someone looking out for us. About warmth and love. And how quickly that can be taken away.

Wolf & Snake is a protest-song. It has to do with people not being able to trust their governments, and our leaders making all these decisions and leaving the people to deal with the mess they make.

Silver & Gold is a song about what you find if you look deep enough inside yourself. You might like what you find, but most of us don’t.

Them Calling describes obsession, How far someone is willing to got to get what or who they want. And that it does not often end well.

Mr. Strange is about the outsider. The one that feels out of place no matter where he is. The lonely and the un-wanted.

Asteroid are:

Robin Hirse – Vocals/Guitar
Johannes Nilsson – Bass/Vocals
Jimmi Kohlscheen – Drums/Vocals


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