Listen to the new album by Anciients ‘Voice of the Void’

By on 4 October 2016

Anciients 600This new album by Canadians Anciients ‘Voice of the Void’ is out 14th of October on Season of Mist. You can pre-order ‘Voice of the Void’ here.

Guitarist and vocalist Chris Dyck said:

“For me, ‘Voice of the Void’ is the logical progression, musically and lyrically from ‘Heart of Oak’. It goes further in each direction that we explored on the debut. Heavy parts are heavier, fast parts are faster and so forth. In terms of theme and lyrics, this record is far more cynical and less hopeful than the debut. It metaphorically addresses some life choices and paths, and what we see happening in the world. It is a darker and more pissed off album. I feel like we have hit our stride and I am stoked as hell to get on the road and play these songs live. Thanks to everyone for all the support so far!”

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