Listen to the new album by Ancient ‘Back To The Land Of The Dead’

By on 13 September 2016

The new album by Ancient ‘Back To The Land Of The -Dead’ is released Friday 16 September on Soulseller Records. You can buy ‘Back To The Land Of The Dead’ here.

“The new album ‘Back To The Land Of The Dead’ is a comeback for Ancient, 12 years after the previous release ‘Night Visit’. The album was recorded in 7 different locations, in Norway, Denmark, Italy and Greece, mixed in Elfo Studios in Italy, and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios. The album was produced by Ancient.

With Nick Barker behind the drumkit, the album is, as expected, the most aggressive and fastest album of Ancient, yet still with a good amount of clean guitars, and various dark atmospheres as the band is known for. The music was composed by Zel and Dhilorz. The lyrics on the album are all written by Zel, many of them speaking about the devil, the spirit of the devil and how it influences us in various devastating and destructive ways, as well as some fantasy lyrics, still somehow connected with the ‘old Nick subject’. The album cover shows a hooded figure coming back to ‘the land of the dead’ to wake up the ‘spiritually dead people there’.

The album is 66 minutes long and has 13 tracks, including a cover of Bathory ’13 Candles’.”

Ancient are:

Zel : Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Dhilorz : Guitars and bass
Nick Barker : Drums


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