Listen to the new album by 11Paranoias ‘Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World’

By on 24 November 2016

11paranoias-cover-600The new album by 11Paranoias ‘Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World’ is streaming in full, complete with bonus material. The album itself is out on Ritual Productions.

The trio of Adam Richardson, Mike Vest and Nathan Perrier have aroused gargantuan riffs from ancient slumber, mustered streams of irradiated noise, and arranged them to form an impressive, kaleidoscopic creation. Listen to the album in full including two bonus tracks which are not included in the download or LP.

The artwork for their latest recording should not be understated. Ritual Productions are unafraid to take on the challenge of adorning records with the most striking of cover art, whether it be classical paintings, original screenprints, or surreal specials. In the case of Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World, 11Paranoias have opted for a full sensory experience. The artwork is based on the RGB principle on which TV works and is decoded using the physical ‘Multidimensional Paranoid Vision Key’ that accompanies the record.  11paranoias-art-600

For 11Paranoias it is paramount that the listeners engage with the visuals and the physical, especially in an increasingly download-driven, “instant listen” world. Band member Adam Richardson remarks on the relationship between visuals and sonic and how they serve to amplify the listener’s experience. As the band explain:

“Its how we all grew up with music – you buy the LP of your favourite band and you sit or lie down and play side a whilst feasting on the artwork, poring over the lyrics and searching for any cryptic or hidden details and messages etc etc.. it’s the process and ritual of the full sensory trip that yield the greatest results particularly if you are talking about psychedelic music…”


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