Listen to ‘Black Death’ by Dystopia

By on 13 April 2017


This new track ‘Black Death’ by Dystopia is taken from the band’s new self-released album ‘Chaos Philosophorum’ which is out 21 April. You can support Dystopia by visiting the Dystopia Bandcamp page.


The band described ‘Chaos Philosophorum’ as:

“the embodiment of the phase we are in as a band, both musically and emotionally. After years of growing and maturing towards our own sound, the album feels like our first serious step in the right direction. In it’s core it is a black metal album, but with some special elements such as doom metal and psychedelic music, thematically it explores death, the nature of existence and dark emotions.”

The band said of the track ‘Black Death’:

“‘Black Death’¬†explores the idea about what it means to live in a dystopia. It is about the thought that a dystopic society can’t only exist because of a corrupt government, but it can also materialize by the absence of one. What happens when your leaders die because of the black plague? What happens when nobody knows what to do and the structure of civilization falls apart? It is a mixture of doom and fleeting hope and the music reflects that.”

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