Limb stream new album ‘Terminal’

By on 9 September 2015

Limb are streaming their new album ‘Terminal’ exclusively with Terrorizer. This is the first album with new drummer Tom Mowforth (ex-Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats). We asked the band to explain the concept behind the album.

“Terminal is an album about living in the End Times. It’s an album about living in a moment that is constantly threatened with ecological, political and social disaster” the band explained. “That said, Terminal isn’t your standard doom record—neither musically nor in how it treats those themes. We didn’t want to retread old ground, but we did want to pay homage to the things we like best from doom, stoner, sludge and classic rock. So, the album contains moments of despair and anger, alongside moments that are more driven and euphoric. Russ Russell described the sound as ‘GoatSlade’, which we rather like.”

“Sometimes, the groove of the song is offset by dark subject matter, like in ‘Ghost Dance’ or ‘Sleepwalkers’. Elsewhere, more tortured music is juxtaposed with more positive lyrical content, like in ‘Spoils of a Portrait King’ and ‘Cocytus’.”

“The album was also written to be heard in its entirety, from start to finish, as things used to be done. It’s a record we’ll play live from start to finish too. Along the way, it takes account of the different types of crisis that face us, and it attempts to find meaning or redemption from those crises.”

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