Lacertilia release video for ‘Tangled Up’

By on 22 September 2016

lacertilia-600Lacertilia have release this video for the track ‘Tangled Up’ which is taken from their album ‘We’re Already Inside Your Mind’ released 29 July on Red Sun Sounds. You can buy ‘We’re Already Inside Your Mind’ here.

Speaking about the track, the band said:

“Tangled Up is a tale about the creature that haunts our minds and feeds off our negative thoughts and energy. Its an observation of people who are caught up in toxic relationships they believe they can’t get out of. It deals with addiction, fear, self loathing, the feeling of being trapped in your own skin, personal experiences, lots of things. The depressing lyrics are offset against driving uplifting riffs, a ‘pump your fist!’ chorus, a euphoric and spacey middle section and a full throttle garage psych stomp finale! Lacertilia are all about turning negativity on its head. We hope this one gets inside your head! It’s already inside your mind isn’t it?? Music is a tool for healing, communicating and connecting with each other. We hope this track reaches out to you in some way or another. We’re a band on a mission. Join the cult of Lacertilia!”

lacertilia-showsYou can catch Lacertilia on the “LACERTILIA & CYBERNETIC WITCH CULT THE WIZARDS N LIZARDS UK TOUR 2016”:

22/10 – Underdog Gallery, London
23/10 – TBA
24/10 – Crowley’s Rock Bar, Swansea
25/10 – Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
26/10 – TBA
27/10 – Opium, Edinburgh
28/10 – Arches Venue, Coventry
29/10 – The Anvil, Bournemouth
30/10 – The Junction, Plymouth

Lacertilia are:

Matthew Fry – Vocals
Tom Cole – Bass
Michael Young-Temple – Guitar
Lucas Zalunski – Guitar
Carl Richards – Drums

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