King Satan release video for ‘Dance With The Devil’

By on 11 July 2017

King Satan have released a video for the track ‘Dance With The Devil’ taken from the band’s new album ‘King Fucking Satan’ which was out 30 June via Saturnal Records. You can buy a copy of ‘King Fucking Satan’ here.

‘Dance With The Devil’ is the band’s fourth single from their industrial metal debut album ‘King Fucking Satan’.  King Satan, from Tampere Finland, was formed in 2015 by King Aleister Satan a.k.a. fra. Zetekh previously known as a mastermind of Saturnial Mist. ‘King Fucking Satan’ is the band’s debut album.

King Aleister Satan (King Satan) said:

“This album is dedicated simultaneously to everyone and to no one! Sometimes you gotta mess the hive of bees by shooting it with a bazooka. King Fucking Satan is universal middle finger towards every hypocrite ideology and world view both in music and people’s thinking. It is also a raw expression of untamed emotions, frustration and mixed thoughts and also simply an unleash of steams in the form of industrial, metal and rock’n’roll spirit which bows to nothing or no one! In music and in art there should not be any rules. If you find some, break them. Creativity, self-expression, searching of truth and both mental and spiritual anarchy are the ingredients of KING FUCKING SATAN! INDUSTRIAL METAL MEANS SEX, MAGICK AND ROCK’N’ROLL. FUCK THE REST, SATAN IS BEST!”.

King Satan are:

King Aleister Satan – Vocals, all instruments & programming
Kate Boss – Vocals, synths & piano
John Oscar Dee – Guitars & bass
Martin Shemhamforash – Synths & bass
Magister Demaniac – Additional instruments, programming

Captain Veislagia – Bass guitar
B.B. Kill – Guitar
DJ Instixx – Beats

Demonos Sova – Guest vocals in track #1 (Known from legendary black metal band BARATHRUM)
Spellgoth – Guest vocals in tracks #1 & #2 (Known from TURMION KÄTILÖT and HORNA bands)
G.K. – Guest vocals in track #1 (Known from black metal band KYY)
Jose Rossi – Guest vocals in track #10 (known from ABYSSION)
Heath Cambion – Guest vocals in track #1 (known from SACRIFICIUM CARMEN)

Produced by King Aleister Satan & Magister Demaniac in Blackvox Studio

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