Kill for Company release video for ‘Democracy Has Failed’

By on 11 April 2017

Kill For Company have released a video for the track ‘Democracy Has Failed’ taken from their forthcoming self-released album ‘This Sadness Lasts Forever’. You can support Kill For Company by visiting their Bandcamp page.

London metal quartet Kill For Company have launched their new music video for the song ‘Democracy Has Failed’, which will appear as part of the band’s debut digital release ‘This Sadness Lasts Forever’ which will be made available from digital streaming and download outlets.

Guitarist Quinton Lucion said:

‘Democracy has Failed’ is to do with the choices we make and the consequences these choices lead to. Today we live in a society that has been provided with more tools than any other previously, yet we are inherently unable to use them in a way that deeply benefits all of us. Technology allows us to share information quickly and in the moment. However, instead of using this to educate ourselves by seeking out objective information, we have become a society who buys information based on convenience and the cycle carries on and on. Take a look around you – despite the privilege that many of us can afford like being able to sit in a coffee shop staring at screens on a sunny day, there is a lot of injustice in the world that happens right under our noses. Closing our eyes appears to be far easier than dealing with the problems we choose not to see.”


Commented the band:

“We are very proud of this body of work. This has been a long time coming, and we look forward to taking these songs to the live stage in 2017.”

Kill For Company are:

Tom Hennessey – Vocals
Dan Danby – Drums
Quinton Lucion – Guitars
Ben McCann – Bass

Shot by Jack Maguire of Old Horse Productions




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