Kill All The Gentlemen release video for ‘Colder’

By on 10 July 2017

Kill All The Gentlemen have released a video for the track ‘Colder’ taken from the band’s new EP ‘The Faustian Delusion’. The video itself was filmed while on tour with Napalm Death through Russia and Eastern Europe.

Speaking about the new EP, drummer Olan Parkinson said:

“‘The Faustian Delusion’ is about examining the price man is willing to pay for ultimate rewards. Inspiration is obviously from the Faustian tale and the supposed concept that you can sell your soul with no repercussions. In this day and age of such greed and disparity of wealth and circumstance people seem to forget that at the end of it all we are all just corpses. Colder is about that inexorable march towards that common end. A cold useless lump of meat.”

“The EP is the precursor to the full length we have coming out later this year/early next year; again recording with Chris Fielding. Expect the music to be darker, faster, heavier. Still exploring similar themes of greed, possession, the selling of Ones soul but also examining what happens at the end of the continuum when there is nothing left for man to achieve and the lengths we will go to, to make our lives mean something.”

Kill All The Gentlemen are:

Adam Martin-Lead Guitar/Vocals
Andrew Pike-Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ben Andrew-Bass/Backing Vocals
Olan Parkinson-Drums

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