Kat’s Big Bloodstock 2015 Adventure

By on 11 August 2015

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Bloodstock 2015 was extreme metal lifer and Terrorizer blogger Kat Gillham’s first time at Bloodstock. Kat wanted to share some of her personal highlights. (Words by Kat, photography by Helen Heaton).

The first band I saw of the festival was Nuclear Assault, a band I have wanted to see live since I was fourteen years old, and I never thought that would happen at 11am in a field in the deepest depths of the South Derbyshire countryside, quite a surreal moment watching them play classics like “Brainwashed” and “Critical Mass” whilst people are drinking coffee and eating breakfast!

Another band who I had been wanting to see live since the same age are Overkill who played later in the day and delivered another set packed full of classics.

Enslaved were the band that surprised me the most, I had never seen them live before so thought I’d watch some of their set and were a revelation, I enjoyed them so much I stayed for the duration; this is the beauty of festivals such as Bloodstock, the opportunity to see some bands live who you otherwise might never have seen.

Another thing that instantly struck me about Bloodstock is the relaxed friendly atmosphere created not just by the crowd but also the festival security who found it clearly amusing when one crowd-surfing Overkill fan kept repeatedly landing over the barrier of the main stage, but there was no heavy handedness, just an escort out of the photo pit… I counted his happening at least six times much to the amusement of himself, the crowd around me and some of the main stage security.

The prices of food and alcohol are very reasonable too, £4 for a pint is what you pay in most bars now anyway, I have found the bar staff very friendly too, obviously infected by the general party atmosphere that is everywhere on-site. It has been great to see whole families at Bloodstock, parents watching bands with their children and to see the passion for extreme and heavy music passing down through the generations, a pleasure to witness.

The weather gods have been very favourable to the organisers and the crowd so far with blazing sun and very warm temperatures fuelling the overall party atmosphere even more and watching Finnish Folk metal troupe Korpiklaani on the main stage in the early afternoon sunshine of the second day highlighted what festivals like this are all about, having a good time and having a drink with friends and like-minded people.

Other bands I saw on Saturday were Norwegian black metallers 1349 who brought some icey grimness into proceedings, veteran grind pioneers Napalm Death, Death(To All) and, of course, Dark Angel.

I had been waiting 25 years to see Dark Angel, a band I first got introduced to in 1990 aged thirteen via the song “Merciless Death” on a Speed Kills compilation (remember them?!) And they did not disappoint delivering a set full of classics from their three album back catalogue including “Merciless Death”. Ron Reinhart was clearly very happy to be at Bloodstock judging from his face and close up and very personal interaction with the crowd, going offstage and up to the barriers numerous times all grins and handshakes.

Gene Hoglan pulled off double drum duty as he was also part of the Death line up, the band played classics off every album and played each song with much obvious passion and energy, a very fitting and heartfelt tribute to Chuck Schuldiner. Max Phelps bears an uncanny resemblance to the late great death metal pioneer in every way, and this is the next best thing to seeing a Chuck fronted Death. I have really enjoyed the chance to witness older bands that I was too young to see first time round, I really felt I was part of a celebration of the history of metal.

Bloodstock is an excellent platform for new, young, unsigned and up-and-coming bands to expose themselves to and find a wider audience via the New Blood, Jagermeister and Sophie Lancaster stages, which is exactly how Evile were spotted some years ago by Earache Records and as a result were quickly signed up by this legendary label. It’s worth saying that each stage has an eclectic mix of bands/genres too, there is something for everyone here

As a long time vegetarian I was very apprehensive about how well the non meat-eating festival goers would be catered for by the onsite food vendors but I found some great food stalls that had plenty of veggie options including one stall solely dedicated to selling vegan and vegetarian food at very fair prices.

I am about to start my final day at Bloodstock 2015 and I am sure it will be as enjoyable as the first two days. I am already looking forward to Bloodstock 2016!

Bloodstock 2016 will again be at Catton Park from 11 to 14 August 2016. Behemoth and Venom are already confirmed for the Friday night, and ‘early bird’ tickets are already available for the full four days including camping for just £127 inclusive of booking.

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