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By on 11 March 2016

Memoriam 600

“It does not mean the end of Bolt Thrower”

Only weeks ago Memoriam popped up on Facebook – information was scare aside from it’s members and their various musical pedigrees – namely Bolt Thrower, Benediction and Sacrilege.

The line-up features Karl Willetts (Bolt Thrower), Frank Healy (Benediction, Sacrilege), Andy Whale (ex Bolt Thrower) and Scott Fairfax (ex Life Denied, Benediction (live).

Terrorizer spoke to vocalist Karl Willetts to discuss this exciting new project.

How did this project come together – whose idea was it?

“Memoriam was primarily developed to fill the void that was left following the tragic death of Martin ‘Kiddie’ Kearns, the drummer from Bolt Thrower back in September 2015. Bolt Thrower subsequently placed all activity on hold for the foreseeable future which gave me an opportunity to develop a new project with friends that had expressed interest in forming a band for some time.”

What is the intention and focus in this coming together?

“Following what happened to Kiddie I basically decided that I needed to get done all the things in life that I had never gotten round to doing before it was too late! One of these things was to play in a band with Whale again; me and Frank have always talked of doing a band but just never got around to doing it due to other commitments in our lives. The original intention was just to get together and jam out some old songs that influenced us musically back when we first started out doing music, however the addition of guitarist Scott Fairfax has brought a new dimension along with a bag full of killer riffs which we have been working on to create new material.”

Given your collective pedigree. How’s it sounding?

“It sounds killer, like a hybrid mix of Bolt Thrower/Sacrilege/Benediction which in turn has created its own distinct sound. We are all really chuffed with the way in which it is developing and also at the fast pace in which it is all coming together.”

Do you have any time frames in place?

“Well it’s all coming together a lot faster that we originally anticipated, but we intend to build up and rehearse 10 original new songs and some cover songs from our other bands [to play live] during the next couple of months. Hopefully we will get into the studio towards the end of May/June. Following that we intend to play a select few festival shows over the summer followed by some club shows later in the year.”

What does it mean for Bolt Thrower?

“Bolt Thrower have made the decision not to play any shows for the foreseeable future, the loss of Kiddie hit us all really hard, so we decided to put the band on hold until we feel that we can move forward and find a replacement for Kiddie, there is no time scale on this decision, however it does not mean the end of Bolt Thrower.”

More of this interview will feature in the April issue of Terrorizer.

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