Introducing Iron Reagan (feat members of Municipal Waste/Darkest Hour)

By on 29 January 2013
Introducing Iron Reagan.  Sometimes awesome musicians can’t be content with being awesome in just one band.  Just ask Tony Foresta from Municipal Waste, who has just so much damn awesome that he has to spread it around like herpes.  Joining Tony is fellow Waster Phil ‘Landphil’ Hall, Paul Burnette and Ryan Parish (both of Darkest Hour).   We chatted to Tony and Ryan to get the lowdown, as well as bring you an exclusive stream of the track ‘Snake Chopper’ featuring a very cool guest…

When and how did you decide to form Iron Reagan?

Tony Foresta: We formed about a year ago. But I’ve been kicking around the idea to do a band with Ryan for a really long time. Like 10 years or something. Ryan and I pretty much grew up together and our bands have been playing shows together since we were kids in high school bands.

Ryan Parrish: We had always been trying to find the time to play music together and once my schedule opened up, we nabbed bassist Paul Burnette (Dr. Guitar) from his easy chair at home and jumped right into a practice space.

TF: I’ve been knocking around the idea for Iron Reagan for about 4 years but nothing was really happening due to me being to damn busy. It was really when Phil stepped in was when things really materialized quickly. Next thing I knew we had a demo out and about 20 songs written.

RP: It was seriously just like that. Phil is a riff monster.

Your name and sound are firmly rooted in the 80s – is Iron Reagan more lyrically serious than your other bands?

TF: I would say it’s a bit more serious and a lot less tongue-in- cheek than a Waste record. I just wanted to do something more angry and this band is a good outlet for aggression.

RP: It’s awesome to have the opportunity to write lyrics with Tony in this band. I’ve always enjoyed doing it and it gives me a way to express views and opinions that would otherwise go unheard.

The track ‘Snake Chopper’ features some very special guest vocals.  Care to tell us more?

RP: When the band Lock-Up came to Baltimore on tour, which by the way they fucking killed it, Paul and I hit up our old buddy Tomas Lindberg to see if he would do some vocals on an IR track. He was stoked! So, before the show started, we drove over to a good friend of ours studio, Paul Leavitt, and Tomas knocked it out. We all got drunk later. It was awesome.

Any plans to tour?

TF: Yeah we just finished booking a 10 day tour of the northeast for late February. I’m really stoked to get these songs on the road. The very few shows that we have played have been a lot of fun.

RP:  We’re hoping to play more this year so keep an eye out.

Is there a contractual stipulation that every member of Municipal Waste has to play in at least 17 other bands?
TF: Haha my joke about Iron Reagan is that we are “Band Whore Core.”  Blame Dave Witte. He started it. When I met him he was in like 5 bands.  I think Ryan Parrish is in 4 bands currently at the moment too. Right?

RP: Yeah, it’s more than 4. Ha! I’m involved with a few other bands, all of which are aesthetically different. Suppression, Highness, Smoke Or Fire, Rope Cosmetology…to name a few. I’m also writing some old school melodic death metal with long time friend Kris Norris again and I’m damn stoked about that. I’m not keen on being genre specific so I do my best to branch out and get my musical fill.

TF: I just have Waste, this and No Friends. Only 3 bands. I’m slacking.

Who else would be playing a dream Iron Reagan gig?

RP: I think my dream concert would be Carcass. Disfear, Antischism, Dystopia, Heroin, Shellac would be killer, too. Also, if Cursed reformed and we got asked to play, that wouldn’t bum me out either.

TF: I’d like to play with MD.45! I just heard this band last night. It’s fucking Lee Ving singing for Megadeth. What the fuck? The songs are pretty bad but I bet it would be fun as shit to watch. I’d really like to play with Cro-Mags, LeeWay, Sacred Reich, Crumbsuckers, Sacrilege and lets say Void for shits and giggles.

Tell us a bit about your new record.

TF: “Worse Than Dead” was recorded throughout the summer in Richmond, Virginia between me and Phil’s crazy ass tour schedule. We tracked over 20 songs but the finished product is 19 songs clocking in at about 24 minutes. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve been a part of recording in a while.

RP: I’m with Tony on that. This has been one of my favorite all time musical endeavors to be a part of. It’s fun, creative, and gives me a chance to get back to my roots. To where I came from. The explosiveness of the record makes me feel like I’m 18 again…even though I’ve never felt any older than that anyway! Ha!

Any final words?

RP: Mosh!

TF: Come see us when we play your town and thank you Terrorizer for all your support!

RP: Yeah. Thank you Terrorizer and all of your readers! Now, Mosh!


‘Worse Than Dead’ is out on March 30th via A389 Records


Mon 2/18  Brooklyn, New York @The Acheron
Tue 2/19  New Brunswick, NJ @The Alamo
Thu 2/21  Cleveland, OH @Now That’s Class
Fri. 2/22 – Westminster, MD @ Wallride House
Sat. 2/23 – Philly, PA @Kung Fu Neck Tie
Sun. 2/24 –  Boston, MA  @The Democracy Center
Mon. 2/25 –  Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus
Tues. 2/26 –  Montclaire, NJ @The Meatlocker
Weds. 2/27 –  Baltimore, MD @ Golden West Café
Sat 3/2 Chesapeake, VA @ Rogers Sports Pub
Fri 3/8 Frederick, MD @ Club 611
Sat 3/9 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter

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