India’s Devoid streaming their EP ‘The Invasion’ just for today…

By on 2 February 2013

The great thing about Terrorizer is that we have always championed heavy metal from throughout the world; we truly are a magazine that recognised music without any boundaries.

Today, we are bringing you the new EP from India’s Devoid, ‘The invasion’. It is a self-produced and self-released concept album which chronicles the story the alien invasion of Earth. The track listing, each effectively a separate chapter in the story, is as follows:

The Invasion
Pandemonium is Now
Brahma Weapon
The Grand Design

Arun Iyer, vocalist and guitarist, says “I wanted to experiment with writing a continual story… and the story of the human civilization is always one that is… destined to be doomed.”

Devoid were formed when Indian heavy metal was young: in context, the band are veteran death/thrash metallers representing a genre which has been under-represented in the country.

Unfortunately you missed the stream, but you can find Devoid on FaceBook.

The Invasion

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