Imperium Dekadenz release lyric video for ‘Only Fragments Of Light’

By on 8 June 2016

Imperium Dekadenz have released a lyric video for the their first track ‘Only Fragments Of Light’ off the coming album ‘Dis Manibvs’. The album is released via Season of Mist on 26 August. You can pre-order ‘Dis Manibvs’ here.
The band are delighted to be doing this premiere with us, saying:

“We feel honoured that a prestigious metal institution such as Terrorizer has agreed to host this premiere. We sincerely hope the Britannic legions will be pleased with our offering!”

Speaking about the new album, the band said:

“Our fifth album ‘Dis Manibvs’ is without doubt our most diverse output so far. It carries our own mark from the first note, but we have added a new energy. Its epic and melodic parts will carry you off to mysterious and unknown places – like ancient ruins over the vulnerable sides of our spirits. We hope that you will feel the same intensity as we do as we have poured our very hearts and souls into these songs!”

Speaking about ‘Only Fragments of Light’, the band had this to say:

“The first song to be released from our forthcoming album also represents its opening salvo. ‘Only Fragments Of Light’ will give you a solid impression of our new creation. You will find highly energetic parts, but also pure epic moments as well as our typical melancholy. We hope that this song will stir your hunger for more from ‘Dis Manibvs’.”

Imperium Decadenz 600

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