I Saw The World Burn release video for ‘Species Obsolete’

By on 20 September 2016

I Saw The World Burn have released a video for ‘Species Obsolete’, a track taken from their EP ‘Barren’. The band are styling themselves as “pushing a socially aware agenda without relying on nihilistic clichés”.

The bands consist of vocalist Katie Cairns, drummer Graeme Williams, guitarist Ian Deaville and Don Jackson-Wyatt on bass.

Rising from the ashes of Extreme O.D., I Saw The World Burn have quickly captured the hearts and minds of many fans, particularly at this year’s Bloodstock Festival. Taken from the Midlands’ mob’s sophomore EP ‘Barren’, ‘Species Obsolete’ sees British metallers I Saw The World Burn showcase the mechanistic musicianship and the unfiltered savagery of Katie Cairns vocals, which have drawn comparisons to the likes of Arch Enemy and Unearth. Katie’s background as a sociology lecturer also lends itself to exploring dystopian lyrics in more illuminating fashion than your average apocalyptic metal track, examining the ills of society whilst never stooping to preaching.

“’Species Obsolete’ focuses around the perspective of a misanthrope who embodies contempt for the human race, due to its perceived inability to function as individuals. This leads the misanthrope to believe that humanity itself should be eradicated”, notes bassist Don Jackson-Wyatt. latest EP, ‘Barren’ was produced by Rob Hobson at Silent City Studios in Leeds, I Saw The World Burn have delivered a bold statement of intent that should whet the appetite for their forthcoming full length record. “We hope that playing Bloodstock will be a stepping stone towards playing more festivals and touring internationally. A bright flame in the UK scene, I See The World Burn are an incendiary act that show great promise.

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